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This website is intended to serve as a communication resource between our onsite teams, Adara Corporate, our team members and residents.  Nothing in this website alters your lease agreement, the terms of your lease agreement or your obligations of your lease agreement. Similarly, nothing in this website alters the obligations owed to you by your Landlord under your lease agreement.

All information provided via this website is a courtesy and is based on publicly available information at the time of publication or "update".   As you can appreciate, should we be affected by a natural disaster in any region, resources may be limited.  Resources are team members, materials, vendors, electric power and the  like, all of which are needed to maintain operations at our communities and corporate office.  We will make diligent efforts to reduce impact to our residents to the best of our ability however safety of our team members and residents is our first priority.


Should your property be rendered uninhabitable, powerless or contain access issues, we may at our discretion require photo identification of anyone and everyone entering the premises.  Similarly, we may refuse access to anyone that is not a leaseholder. 


We will make a diligent effort to ensure that we issue notice of entry to your unit or any disruptions in power, water, or service,   however in the event of a natural disaster, reasonable notice may not be possible.  If we do not have keys to your unit, we may have

to force entry and notify you after the fact. In the event that we do so, you waive any claims against us for having to do so.

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